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TAT Acupressure Techniques

What is the TAT- Tapas acupressure technique?

Tapas Acupressure Technique known as TAT was invented in 1993 by Tapas Fleming, to overcome the allergy problems. Later on, this technique also proved to be a success in the healing of emotional trauma. TAT is an alternative medicine therapy that helps the one to clear there negative emotions and traumas. TAT process claims by applying pressure on meridian points on the body, it can release energy blockage that causes negative emotions. TAT works like any other energy therapy to heal the large spectrum of problems like,


bodily trauma

emotional trauma

addictions and habits

eating disorders


What is the meridian?

Meridian is a nexus in the body where energy flows and reaches different parts. One can reach the meridian from any part of the body. Meridian was invented by the Chinese to heal themselves from diseases and mental disorders. It is studied widely as pseudoscience because the energy is not practically visible or biologically proven still, it has a miraculous result in healing both emotional and physical problems. Here in TAT, the meridian is accessed through face, which will help in focusing and relaxing the entire body.

Our body is made up of energy, which is present in this universe. Due to work stress and the modern lifestyle, our energy flow is not in a proper cycle, which leads to negative thoughts and depression. TAT restores the body’s energy cycle and creates a balance by applying pressure on the meridian points. This will give an energy boost and a positive approach towards every problem.

How to practice TAT?

Step 1:

Place thumb and ring finger of one hand under the ridge of the eyebrows just next to the nose.


Make sure your middle finger of the same hand is touching the forehead in between just above the eyebrows.


Place the other hand on the back of the head at the occipital ridge.

Step 4:

Follow up, the 9 statements while practicing will help to find solutions and achieve stability and confidence.


       “Trauma or memory.”

The opposite condition of the problem:

       “overcome it and solve the problem”

Origin of the problem:

       “reaching to the origin of the problem”

Storage of the problem:

        “Clear your thoughts and body from this problem”

Profit from the problem:

        “Earned an experience to deal with it”

Boundaries holding me:

        “Sort out the boundaries you were in”


        “Forgive everyone and yourself”

Asking Forgiveness:

       “Seek forgiveness and move forward”

Becoming whole:

       “Healing now and become a positive person”

Imagine every positive thing you have done or faced while repeating this sentence. This will surely help to overcome the negativity in you and make an emotional and physical balance.

TAT Acupressure Technique

How  TAT can help?

Everyone has come across different kinds of experiences in their life, it may be positive or negative. Each of your positive or negative experiences leaves a piece in the body which we term as memories. When you think of memories that make you happy like certain places, songs even smells, you will travel back to the moment and surely it will bring a smile on your face and happiness around you. In the same way, when you are not able to stop recalling your trauma or negative experiences it will sink you to the darkness where you will start feeling lonely and heavy. This affects your behavior towards everything which you come across.

Also, many of our clients do face experiences like,

I hate myself.

I have no value.

I cannot trust anyone.

I am angry all the time.

I am not able to get on with the feeling of the past.

I am lonely and not able to connect with my colleagues.

I am not able to focus on my work because of negative thoughts.

By following the TAT procedure, one will have control over the thoughts and move forward towards a brighter future. The trauma will no longer affect the inner peace and you will be able to tackle every situation. This will also improve the relationship with a loved one. All types of trauma and negative experiences can be healed by following the TAT procedure.

Is Tapas Acupressure Technique proven and effective?

The research conducted by Dr. Charles Elder and colleagues of Kaiser Permanente in Portland, Oregon on weight loss maintenance. Ninety-two obese adults were recruited to participate in a behavioral weight loss program, and divided into three groups: a qigong group, a Tapas Acupressure group, and a self-directed support (SDS) group as an attention control. After 24 weeks the TAT group was remarkably able to lose more weight as compared to two other groups. Later, the study also found a change in depression, stress, insomnia, and quality of life in the TAT group.

TAT provides behavioral benefits and many stress-related problems. Even we have tried the Tapas Acupressure Technique side by side with counseling and meditation on people, and it made a remarkable impact on them.

When and where one can perform TAT?

In many cases, TAT can be performed directly which is painless and no tools are required for it. It does take expertise to recognize the perfect meridian point to work effectively. This process can be done at any comfortable and peaceful place which will take hardly 20-30 mins from the daily routine. It has no minimum requirements, so you can perform it daily or once a week. TAT help to put a person in a balanced state of the spiritual and practical world. This also boosts confidence and positive thought process both in body and mind. TAT also helps to overcome the natural disaster or tragic incident faced and bring a peaceful life back. 

How long will it take for a better result?

TAT works very efficiently and immediately. Within a short period, one will be able to notice the change if the TAT is truly performed. Each person has a unique healing capability, so it may vary from others. Many psychological problems are misinterpreted as a disease by society, and rather than supporting the one to overcome the issue, they will start cornering them. We THEEQUILIBRIUM are here to help you with these kinds of problems and provide you the balance you need to live both mentally and physically.

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