Havening Techniques

Havening opens the sector of Psychosensory Therapy and offers people affected by fear, panic, stress, anxiety/nerves also other traumas, a quick and effective tool for permanent removal of the emotion. Scientists have established the Havening Touch, which may be a firm, slow movement on your arms, palms, and face, causes a change in brain chemistry and permanently eliminates the emotion from the consciousness, craving or distressing thought.

Havening Techniques are a radically new and evolving form of scientific therapy that helps permanently treat and heal traumas, anxiety, and phobias as well as to create positive modifications in our brain. They are a kind of Psychosensory therapy, meaning implementing a sensory touch to supply a response that completely heals and positively alters our mind.

Former experiences can stay with us in our lives, resulting in unwanted responses and emotions to similar situations. These prior experiences can be significant traumatic events that are producing PTSD symptoms or equally seemingly insignificant experiences that our brain has stored in a way that produces a disproportionate emotional response. Our brain is very accurate and doesn’t have our ability to rationally gauge what should be traumatic or not, so due to the way the experience was perceived at the time, it sometimes stores past experiences during away meaning they depart our primitive emotions like anger, anxiety, or fear whenever something reminds us of them again, even if they seem insignificant when we think about them objectively now.

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