The Equilibrium
A venture by Sanjana Bafna Ranka

The Equilibrium believes that every individual needs to have a healthy mind, emotional well-being and an active lifestyle to enhance their life experiences. The inevitable daily struggles of life cause pressure, anxiety and other physical and mental problems that have a dire affect on one’s lifestyle and profession. The Equilibrium has curated specialized programs that help individuals in tackling these problems by adopting holistic tailor made techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Havening Techniques, Meditation and Mindfulness provide instant solace. The Equilibrium retains your identity as an anonymous and assures complete full confidentiality. They enable you to get professional counsel and help you in opening yourself up to living a healthier stress control life. If these problems are not addressed on time, they can have fatal long term effects on one’s professional life and can stunt one’s emotional growth which serves as a very important factor in coping up with their daily life challenges.

The Equilibrium aims to detach the stigma associated with problems related to mental and emotional wellbeing faced by individuals on a daily basis. A little help and the right direction can not only accelerate one’s workplace performance and make them successful but it can grow and evolve them emotionally. The process is not only motivating but also instills confidence.

Our mission is to build awareness amongst people about how it’s extremely important to talk & get help for issues related to emotional and mental well being. Enhance their communication skills and enable them to think in a healthier manner. We want to create emotionally well human beings and stronger minds. We aim to create better workspaces for employees and bridge the gap of communication between the top management and the employees. We also aim to help people with their smallest barrier to the biggest trauma that haunts them. The work towards this goal will be carried with the aim of making the world a happier and more peaceful place to live in.

Sanjana Bafna Ranka, The Founder:
Sanjana Bafna Ranka, the founder and brainchild of The Equilibrium grew up in Nasik, India. She pursued her education in Mumbai while completing her Master in MSc, Marketing from The University of Nottingham in the UK. After returning to India, Sanjana worked in the marketing agency Mindshift Interactive in Mumbai and further on started working as a Marketing Head and Head of Customer Relations in her family run business,Seva Automotive Pvt. Ltd , authorised dealers for Maruti Suzuki. However, she never felt satisfied or could resonate with the work that she was doing.

Sanjana personally dealt with anxiety related issues which she did not even realize or could give a name to. She says, ‘It would just feel that this happens to everyone and I am not the only one to a point where I realized that I could be without it, as it would exhaust me. Anxiety, panic, trauma exhausted me and I realized that it might be small but for me it is a barrier. My parents always told me that whatever I do in life would matter and make them proud but they would feel the proudest if I grew to be the best version of a human being that I can be! This always stayed with me and I decided to pass this on to the world. That’s when I decided to give birth to The Equilibrium and help individuals overcome barriers that turned out to be an obstruction towards  my growth as a person. ‘