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How emotional freedom technique works?

About Mental Health Counselor – All undesirable emotions are felt through a disturbance in the body’s energy. And outer physical pain and disease are carefully connected with these undesirable emotions. Health problems and Privy Problems create a reaction. Physical symptoms cause emotional imbalance, and unsorted emotional problems display themselves through physical signs. Hence, the body’s well-being must be looking into as a whole.

The body, like everything else in this cosmos, is made up of energy. Establish a balance with the body’s energy, and you shall heal the disruptive emotions. Physical symptoms derive from the energy imbalance. Tapping restores the body’s energy balance, and the negative thoughts have triumphed over.

The EFT tapping for fear and anxiety best better body requires you to focus on the negative emotion. At hand: the cause of your panic, an unpleasant memory, an ongoing problem, or anything that’s troubling you. While continuing your mental focus on this problem. Use your fingertips and tap 7 times each on 12 of the body’s meridian points. Tapping on these meridian points. While focusing on accepting and settling the disruptive emotion. Will approach your body’s energy, establishing a balanced state.

According to Mental Health Counselor, what is the meridian?

Meridian is a nexus in the body where energy flows and reaches different parts. One can reach the meridian from any part of the body. Meridian invent by the Chinese to heal themselves from diseases and mental disorders. It is studied widely as pseudoscience because the energy is not practically visible or biologically proven still. It has a miraculous result in healing both emotional and physical problems. Here in TAT, the meridian is accessing through the face, which will help in focusing and relaxing the entire body.

Our body is made up of energy, which is present in this universe. Due to work stress and the modern lifestyle, our energy flow is not in a proper cycle. Which leads to negative thoughts and depression. TAT restores the body’s energy cycle and creates a balance by applying pressure on the meridian points. This will give an energy boost and a positive approach towards every problem.

Meditation & Mindfulness methods for balance

Meditation is an ancient method to stable your inner peace and increase focus. It also brings joy and a positive approach to life. Practicing it daily will decrease stress in your life.

Mindfulness is the method to deliberately focus on thoughts at this moment. By focusing on the aim and targets daily, one will be able to find the path to achieving it.

Difficulty in concentrating & low motivation

It takes time to adapt just Pick a physical activity of your choices like mediation or simple stretches. Spend at least one hour per day on your physical health. It is a good idea to meditate. Meditation improves concentration. It is important to rationalize the expectations we set for ourselves as well as for those in care of us. Stop expecting from others because they are sailing in the same boat. Consult a therapist to seek help.

EFT Tapping For Anxiety And Fear by Mental Health Counselor

Though still research, EFT tapping applied to treat people with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Tapping Therapy is an incredibly powerful tool that can make you quickly overcome your biggest anxieties. And help you live a stress-free life. Similar to acupuncture, EFT works on the meridian points to bring balance to the energy of your body. It is believe that maintaining this energy balance will relieve the symptoms. Which may have triggered a traumatic experience or anxiety.

Does The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Help Anxiety?

Yes, you can use emotional Employee freedom therapy to release yourself from these hidden anxieties. Pressures, frustration, and emotional hurts and focus on helping you to incorporate positivity and strength into your life. This can achieve by removing any insecurities, fears, and internal barriers that emerging when mating with obstacles.

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