Panic attack

A panic attack is sometimes a sudden episode of intense fear, even though there is no danger in reality. When there is a panic attack we could see that our heartbeat is racing so fast and we may lose control of ourselves. Sometimes we could even think that we are even dying.

Many of us could have faced this kind of situation at any point in time. It may soon go away for most of us after the situation changes or improves. But if the panic attack becomes a recurrent issue, it could be panic disorder. 

Panic attack meaning: Panic attack is just an anxiety attack that occurs suddenly, goes to peak, and usually subsides within 10 minutes. Sometimes the attack could last longer and occur one after the other.

Now let’s see panic attack symptoms :

  • Imagining extreme danger, and believing it to be true.
  • Increased heartbeat and pounding heart.
  • Excessive sweating and trembling of hands.
  • Feeling numb all over the body and becoming frozen.
  • Sometimes it could be hot flashes, sometimes it could be body chills.
  • Headache or heartache.

When we have these symptoms becoming recurrent, without any good reason, it could be considered a panic disorder.

The symptoms of panic disorder are the same as panic attacks, but the only difference is that it keeps occurring in regular intervals.

Panic attack causes: There could be various reasons for a panic attack.

Brain chemistry: sometimes a person’s brain chemistry could be so that he suffers from a panic attack.

Genetic: If a person’s mother or father suffered from panic attacks, it could be transferred to the kids through genes.

Stress and trauma: If a person goes through a lot of stress in his career or personal life, they can suffer from panic attacks. If a person goes through a lot of traumatic incidents like the death of loved ones, or some kind of abuse, that could also cause a panic attack or panic disorder.

Personality: Sometimes a person’s personality could be the main cause of a panic attack. If the person suffers from self-esteem issues or from abusive family background, they won’t be assertive or strong. That could lead them to have panic attacks. A person who is too emotional or sensitive can also suffer from panic disorder.

Panic attack treatment: The best way to get over a panic attack is to stay grounded. Slowing your breath is a very good way to keep yourself grounded. Take deep slow breaths, trying to hold your breath for a long time after each inhalation and exhalation.

Visualization: Try to visualize yourself in a safe space or with a safe person. Have an image of the most peaceful space where you can feel safe. Every Time you have a panic attack, close your eyes and mentally travel to that place, and relax.

Progressive muscle relaxation: Progressive muscle relaxation(PMR) is a series of exercises that can be done to combat panic attacks. It is a proven technique to reduce anxiety and panic attacks.

Panic disorder treatment: It is important to have your panic disorder treated in the right way. A combination of psychotherapy and antidepressants can help you manage your panic attack symptoms. Also keeping your physical health in check could also help deal with panic disorder. Including meditation and exercises in your daily routine can help you stay balanced. Panic attacks sometimes could lead to bigger issues like heart attacks or gastric issues. So it is important to get it treated as soon as possible.

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