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Feeling low

Life is not always the same. We may have a lot of ups and downs and lows and highs. We learn to ride through the tide sooner or later in life. But sometimes feeling low becomes too long and persistent that we don’t even know how to get over it.

Why am I feeling low? I am feeling low and depressed. Life is so hard. Nothing in life interests me anymore_ these statements have become so common nowadays. Everyone may feel low time and again. Feeling low after a distressing event can be normal. But sometimes we may feel low for no reason. We may feel tired, low in confidence, no drive to do the day-to-day activities, and it can make us angry and frustrated.

Things to remember when you are in a low mood.

  1. You are not the reason for your low mood. It could happen to anyone
  2. Don’t listen to what your mind says. Not whatever your mind says is true.
  3. You have not always felt like this.

What to do when you are feeling low?

  1. Ask yourself “why am I feeling low?” _ find out as many as reasons to the question. Write down at least 20 reasons. Write down even the silliest reason that comes up. Now reframe those thoughts. For eg: If you think that you may perform badly in an office presentation, catch the thoughts, challenge the thoughts, and then reframe it.
  2. Music is a great source for boosting your mood. It makes us feel better. Try some peppy numbers while you are feeling low. That helps in making you feel better.
  3. Talking it out also helps in bettering our mood. When we are at a place where we cannot balance our emotions, it is always better to talk to someone else whom we can trust. When we share our feelings, it reduces to a great extent.
  4. Make sure you have an interesting physical routine every day. It could be cycling, walking, gyming, or even yoga.
  5. Try to learn something new. It could be any hobby of your choice. Gardening is a great way to feel better.

Even after trying everything to make you feel better, if you still feel the same, it could also be depression. In that case, it is better to get diagnosed with depression.

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