Anger is a natural response to threats. Getting angry is a part of survival. But when angry behavior becomes uncontrollable, it causes trouble in every way. Being angry always would make people distance from you, can affect career and general peace of mind.

What triggers angry behavior :

  • General issues like financial issues, relationship failures, or some kind of defeat could be a reason for angry behavior.
  • Depression could also trigger anger. When in depression the person tends to feel too sad and that sadness and hopelessness could make a person angry.
  • Alcohol and other substance abuse could make a person angry, as he/she may not have enough control over their emotions.
  • Other underlying mental disorders like obsessive-compulsive disorder, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, etc could also be the reason for anger issues.
  • Physical pain like headache or body aches.
  • Other major or chronic physical issues.

Being angry could be a normal reaction, but when it becomes angry behavior it could affect the person and people around him in various ways.

Physical symptoms could be increased blood pressure and heart rate, muscle tension, etc. Emotionally the person could show aggressiveness, rage, and frustration. Being angry could make the person overwhelmed by emotions. When a person is unable to express their anger, it can affect them physically as well.

How to combat angry behavior?

  • Instead of trying to control getting angry, we have to find out the main cause of anger. If there is an underlying mental or physical issue, it is important to heal that first and simultaneously work on controlling anger.
  • Behavior therapies like cognitive behavior therapy, talk therapy can help in controlling our anger

Relaxation techniques like meditation, spa therapies, aromatherapies could also help in managing angry behavior.

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